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He loves Jesus, his wife, golf and his dog (He calls him son because he never had a son…is that weird? :) He played drums in a "bar band" for several years in college and still likes playing (even with the worship team on Sunday). Lee loves to teach and hang out with friends.

Family:His wife is his best friend. He loves his daughters… even when they are struggling with life. He doesn't get to see his grandsons enough (usually only once a year). He misses his parents and brother. They have all passed away, but he thinks of them often.
Favorite Movie:Rocky
Favorite Band:Kansas or Doobie Brothers
Favorite Sports Team:UofA Basketball
Favorite Bible Verse:1 Cor. 9:16
Favorite Starbucks Drink:One pump Mocha with no whip
Favorite Candy:Ju Ju Bees
Favorite Book:The Bible (I know…I'm supposed to say that) but it really is. There is no other book I spend so much time in.
Favorite TV Show:Whatever is on the Golf Channel
One place you've always wanted to travel to:Australia
Favorite Sport:Golf and Racquetball
One thing you find most fascinating:Snakes and spiders (I know…that's two things)
When & how were you saved?In Yuma Arizona (about 1989) after responding to the gospel 6 years after it was presented
Best Memory:On the boat with my wife-WOW!
Favorite Food:Fruit
Something most people don't know about me:I am not an extrovert
One of my greatest experiences with God: His challenge to me to obey him to take a church in Hobbs, New Mexico...and then he put us in Washington instead—Yay!
Three people you would like to meet:Jesus (I know 'm supposed to say that, too. But how cool would that be!!!), Max Lucado, President of the United States
Life Motto:Do whatever it takes
Most embarrassing moment:Feeling another woman's thigh in a pool that was not my wife (Yep…there's a lot more to that story)
What famous person are you most likely to be mistaken for?Mark Spitz
If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?Cherries
If you were a superhero who would you be and why?The Flash-because he can go so fast
What is your hidden talent?I can do cheer
If you could be a kid again for a day, what would you do?Go lizard hunting in the desert
What do you do in your spare time?Hang out with my wife and friends
What is your secret superpower?I'm super goofy

Senior Pastor

Lee Giermann

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Dr. Tyrone Renard Williams, a native of Washington D.C., excels on alto, tenor and soprano saxophones as well as piano, trumpet and several other instruments.  He is a graduate of the Duke Ellington School of the Performing Arts High School; and upon graduating was the recipient of their most prestigious award, the Duke Ellington Award.

In 1982, Tyrone was awarded a music performance scholarship on trumpet to attend the College of Wooster, in Wooster, Ohio.  While there, he founded and directed the College of Wooster Gospel Choir and performed with the Wooster Symphony.  Tyrone received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and was awarded a full scholarship as a graduate assistant at Cleveland State University, in Cleveland, Ohio to pursue his Masters Degree in Jazz Studies, under the tutelage of Howie Smith.  

In 1987, Tyrone answered the call to ministry and became a licensed ordained minister.  He put his graduate studies on hold and began to travel full time with Love Crusade Evangelistic Ministries under the direction of Evangelist Christipher Joy.  Entering full time Ministry in 1988, Tyrone resumed his new graduate studies at Friend’s International Christian University.  In 1991, Tyrone completed his ministerial graduate work, receiving a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and his Doctorate of Ministry Degree.

Also in 1991, God inspired Dr. Williams to establish Anointed Horn Ministries, Inc., a non-profit evangelistic organization with the vision to minister through music and the Word, the healing love of Jesus Christ and an in-depth understanding of what it means to be a true worshipper of God.   Tyrone is a minstrel anointed by God to minister on the saxophone, minister as a Worship Leader, Instructor on Praise and Worship and Teacher of God’s Word.  He is also a sought after saxophone, piano and vocal instructor.

On September 12, 1991 Tyrone released his debut album “Unto Him Be The Glory Forever and Ever”.  On December 24, 1995 Dr. Williams released his second album “With You” and his third CD, “I See The Lord” was released in July 2006.  In 2018, Tyrone served as pianist, vocalist, soloist, saxophonist, arranger and vocal arranger on City Psalms 3 Tucson with Brian Goodall and Carl Cherry.  Tyrone also sang vocals, was the vocal arranger and vocal coach on Connie Brannocks debut album, “Lady on The Bus.”  He is in his 3rd year with Connie playing keys, sax and vocals with Little House of Funk and Momma Sings Jazz.  

In March 2019, Tyrone joined Neamen Lyles as Co-Director of Rise Up Music and Arts Academy. For the past 31 years Dr. Williams has continued in fulltime ministry with Anointed Horn Ministries and has served as Worship Pastor and Music Director at various churches and conferences throughout the world.  As Worship Pastor at Horizon Church Tucson, Tyrone brings a passion for powerful praise, intimate worship and a biblical pursuit of the Presence of God.

Worship Pastor

Dr. Tyrone Renard Williams

He loves Jesus, his wife, his kids, his friends, his co-workers, and his students. Jonathon loves to teach and go salsa dancing with his wife. Jonathon NEVER has one favorite.

Family: Wife Stephanie is his gift from God (GG). He loves driving with his daughter and relaxing with his son. He loves when he gets to spend time with his parents, sisters and their husbands, nieces and nephews, and brothers Evan and Ernie. 
Favorite Movie: Goonies, Predator, Above the Law, and Big Fish
Favorite Band: Foo Fighters and Earth, Wind, and Fire

Favorite Hip Hop Artist: Lecrae, Andy Mineo, and Lupe Fiasco
Favorite Sports Team: UofA Basketball and the COWBOYS
Favorite Bible Verse: John 1:1 and Psalms 103:1-5
Favorite Starbucks Drink: 3 Espresso mocha frappe with mint syrup, substitute for coconut milk or passion tea
Favorite Candy: Almond Joy and snickers
Favorite Books: Victorious Christian Living, Rain of Gold, The Alchemist, and The Count of Monte Cristo
Favorite TV Show: Blacklist and 24
One place you've always wanted to travel to: Aruba, Spain, and The Dallas Cowboys Stadium
Favorite Sport: Golf and Basketball
One thing you find most fascinating: Landscapes created by God
Hobbies: Checking out cars!
When & how were you saved? June 23, 2007 South Central Los Angeles (The rain came down when I stepped in the pool and stopped when I got out)
Best Memory: My wife's beautiful smile
Favorite Food: Whataburger #1 with cheese, no onions, no tomato, Whatasized with a diet. 
Something most people don't know about me: I can't choose one favorite
One of my greatest experiences with God: I gave a sermon once and completely didn't remember it when I was done and so many were encouraged by the message.
Three people you would like to meet: Jesus, my daughter Ivana who passed away, and my Tata Johnny's dad.
Life Motto: "God's Will", "ni modo", "why you crying?" (George Lopez voice), "better late than never"
Most embarrassing moment: Charging my wife $5 in high school for a CD that I paid less than a penny for (Columbia House)
What famous person are you most likely to be mistaken for? Pitbull
If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? My mom's chicken tacos (you have no idea how good they are)
If you were a superhero who would you be and why? Voltron, he has lions as body parts!
What is your hidden talent? I make BOMB Italian food!
If you could be a kid again for a day, what would you do? Play golf with my Tata Johnny at El Rio, coach with my dad my sisters softball team at Western, pretend playing  basketball with Michael Jordan in the backyard, or play basketball at the ranch with my dad, all my cousins,  and tios.
What do you do in your spare time? Hang out with my wife and anyone else who is down to hang with us last minute
What is your secret superpower? Good at paying off bills

Youth Pastor

Jonathon Basurto

Vic and Inoka were college sweethearts and have been married for over 16 years and are the proud parents of two children and one cute little Beagle. They love travelling, spending time with their family and friends and all things UA.

Family: a daughter and son and extended family in Arizona and Sri Lanka
Favorite Movie: Inoka loves the Sound of Music and Vic’s pick would be the Gladiator
Favorite Band: Jars of Clay
Favorite Sports Team: UofA Basketball
Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 27:13  
Favorite Starbucks Drink: Vic likes his mocha and Inoka can’t even stand the smell of coffee
Favorite Candy: Snickers
Favorite Book: Vic likes a good sci-fi book and Inoka loves most historical fiction.
Favorite TV Show: The Office
One place you've always wanted to travel to: Egypt
Favorite Sport: Baseball and Cricket
One thing you find most fascinating: Vic loves looking up at the night sky and Inoka loves people watching.
Hobbies: Painting, reading for Inoka and game development for Vic
When & how were you saved? We were both baptized as campus students at the University of Arizona. Vic was a freshman and Inoka was a sophomore.
Best Memory: Our wedding day
Favorite Food: Anything spicy, especially spicy Thai food
Something most people don't know about us: Our first kiss was on our wedding day.
One of our greatest experiences with God: teaching in the children’s ministry at Horizon.
Three people you would like to meet: Jesus, Enoch, and someone ready to hear about Jesus
Life Motto: This too shall pass
Most embarrassing moment: On their first date, Vic was wanting to impress Inoka with cooking dinner and started a grease fire and set off the smoke alarm.
What famous person are you most likely to be mistaken for? Vic once won a look alike contest of who looks most like their pet...not exactly a famous pet
If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be? Vic would eat tacos and Inoka would eat Rambutans
If you were a superhero who would you be and why? The Incredibles -  because we look good in red and black tights and we have crazy kids.
What is your hidden talent? Vic can make an awesome omelette and Inoka can ride an elephant bare back.
If you could be a kid again for a day, what would you do? We would show our kids how to play - old school… technology free
What do you do in your spare time?  What’s spare time?

Children's Ministry

Vic & Inoka Otero