The Ultimate Test - Abraham
Sermon: Pastor Lee Giermann

MAY 15, 2022

God tests his people. He demonstrates that in the life of Abraham. Is it possible that God could be asking of you the same kind of thing he asked Abraham?


Join us and see.

Livin' on a Prayer: The Ultimate Teacher
Sermon: Pastor Lee Giermann

APRIL 24, 2022

There's a great deal we can learn from Jesus about prayer when we take a look at his prayer life.

Join us as we look at where and when Jesus prayed and what he taught his disciples about how to pray.

Easter Sunday - The Resurrection: Do you REALLY believe it?
Sermon: Pastor Lee Giermann

APRIL 17, 2022

It's one thing to believe the "facts" having to do with the resurrection of Jesus. It's another to believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead. 


In this Easter message we'll talk about the difference and the implications. The way we will spend eternity depends on our understanding the difference and acting accordingly.

Palm Sunday - Jesus Arrives 
Sermon: Pastor Lee Giermann

APRIL 10, 2022

In this week's "Palm Sunday" message we see that many of the events in the last week of Jesus fulfilled prophecy. We also see the consequences for Jerusalem failing to acknowledge Jesus. Is there a message for us?

Livin' on a Prayer: Prayer as Asking God
Sermon: Pastor Lee Giermann

APRIL 03, 2022

We have talked about prayer as worship, thanksgiving, and a confession. Today’s message is about prayer as asking God. And, although we mostly consider asking God as asking about something for ourselves or for others, there is something else  I believe we need to ask God about that is very important. And it will affect our other “asking.” Take a listen to find out what I am talking about.

Livin' on a Prayer: Thanksgiving and Confession 
Sermon: Pastor Lee Giermann

MARCH 27, 2022

The charge for us to give thanks to God is repeated dozens and dozens of times in the Bible. Why is it so important to include giving thanks in our prayers? We also consider the call to confess. Why might we miss the importance of true confession? Confession is not what most people think it is!

Livin' on a Prayer: Adoration and Worship 
Sermon: Pastor Lee Giermann

MARCH 20, 2022

There is much more to prayer than just asking God for stuff or for Him to act in some way. When we look at many prayers in the Bible, we see they always include worship. Why…and why should we follow those examples?