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Lessons from Sept. 11, 2001

It was one of those few events in history that you remember exactly where you were when it happened…the 9/11 disaster. What does a Christian church have to say about that on the anniversary coming up? If you are looking for a “bible-based church near me” or “Churches near me”, we will be talking about this on Sunday.

At Horizon Church, we think what happened in 2001 and the things that are happening now are spiritual issues. Our country has become spiritually complacent. If we continue down that path, it appears that our country will reap the consequences. If you are looking for a Church in northwest Tucson that is a community church and that addresses these issues, we extend an invitation to try us out. As a culture, we continue to struggle with being faithful to the God of the Bible in so many different ways. And our societal structures do not help. In fact, many of the structures that make up our culture are huge contributors to the deterioration of our culture.

As a Christian church in northwest Tucson, we are willing to take on some of these difficult issues. If some of these issues are addressed in the scriptures, we won’t just jump over them. We will address them. It is important that the people of God are equipped to deal with an ever-devolving culture. It is so important that we have faith as an anchor to the soul. Our Sunday morning church services are the primary place we deal with these issues although our Home Groups do as well.

We are certainly a bible-based church with a contemporary worship style. We are also a non-denominational church. We hold the Bible high as the Word of God and it is our source for all our messages and how we approach life. If you are looking for practical, “How does the Bible apply to me” kind of teaching, we would encourage you to check us out.

We are up in the northwest part of Tucson off Cortaro Road, behind the Pavilions Shopping area. We also have church online at As a Christian church in the northwest, we are trying to minister to our community in a number of ways. We would love to have you join our family.

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